• Posted on Oct 15, 2011

October 2011 PDS Celebrates Its Sixth Year in Business

The Professional Documents Service is six years old! On October 15, 2011, PDS celebrated its sixth anniversary in business. Statistics say that only 50% of businesses make it to the five year mark. Therefore PDS has already reached a milestone that many businesses unfortunately don’t achieve.

PDS was originally founded as a typing and editing service. However, owner Sabrina Hilliard Hamm began receiving requests for the company to provide additional services such as transcription and meeting minute production. Today, PDS is a full-service document preparation company that serves clients predominantly in the D.C. Metropolitan region. However, PDS has also served clients in other areas of the country, including New York and California. Looking ahead, PDS is planning to expand its services to other metropolitan regions, setting a great deal of focus on the Southeastern region of the country. The PDS team of meeting and transcription professionals continues to grow beyond Mrs. Hamm’s original vision.

“When I first started The Professional Documents Service, I never imagined we would have the honor of serving some of the clients we now serve. Nor did I ever consider I would have a team of people working alongside me. But God had big plans for ‘my little company’, and it is rising to heights I never dared to dream about. God certainly knows how to take our small beginnings and make them great!”

The PDS team enjoys serving and working alongside all of its clients, whether large or small, government or private sector. Even as the company continues to expand, it is the goal of Mrs. Hamm to ensure it upholds the same values it has held dear since its inception, including the promise to exhibit professionalism, reliability, and fairness in all business dealings; and the promise to extend kind, Christ-like service to all clients and team members regardless of ethnicity, religious background, or other orientation.

To learn more about The Professional Documents Service, visit www.ThePDService.com.

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